Joseph Narus, DNP, APRN, NP-BC

Dr. Joseph Narus is an NP in the Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He manages the Penile Rehabilitation Program, providing medical management of sexual dysfunction after cancer treatment. His main clinical and research focus is on sexual dysfunction following cancer treatment and the role of nursing to improve quality-of-life outcomes. He received his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees from New York University College of Nursing and holds memberships in the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the American Urologic Association, American Association of NPs, the International Society of Sexual Medicine, and the Sexual Medicine Society of North America. He was selected by the Sexual Medicine Society of North America as one of the first NPs in the U.S to serve on their APRN/PA Committee and Website Committees and is the first NP to hold a Fellow membership.


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